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Are you tired of attractive, yet flimsy accessories? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but quality should never be a compromise. No matter what type of accessory you are looking for, we produce durability.. Our handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry is made with 14K gold filled wire or chain and semi precious and precious stones. So put on cute fashion Jewelry , head out the door, and enjoy the feeling of what you are a unique  beautiful being wearing hand made gemstone Jewelry!

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No one wants to wear jewelry that everyone else wears; fashion Jewelry is how we express our individuality.  We focus on modern hand made gemstone Jewelry with unique designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our handcrafted gemstone jewelry is perfect for modern woman of all ages. PoshMira fashion accessories are great gift'sand always welcome!  

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We are committed of creating beautiful pieces with natural stones. Our hand made gemstone jewelry is versatile and easy to wear to any occasion. The fashion Jewelry is created to empower and energize with the properties of healing crystals.  Complement your unique beauty with our high-quality accessories!  


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Accessories for all types of beautiful.

Based in Los Angeles PoshMira hand made fashion Jewelry is inspired by the beauty of natural precious- and semi precious Gemstones. Handcrafted in Los Angeles every piece is designed for the modern powerful woman of today.